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PDP | Know Your Strengths!

Your PDP profile will help you

  • know your strengths
  • recognize and excel in roles and projects that reward your talent
  • connect and communicate more effectively with people + strengthen important relationships
  • accelerate leadership development to advance your career!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

How does PDP work?

When you purchase a PDP profile, Brian will send you an email invitation to complete an online survey. The survey will take no more than ten minutes. Data from this survey will be used to create a profile of your natural leadership strengths and preferred communication style. You will receive your profile by email within minutes of completing the survey.

Does PDP include coaching with Brian?

Yes - once you receive your PDP profile, You can schedule a 45 minute online coaching session with Brian who will guide you through your strengths profile.

What will I learn from my PDP profile?

Your PDP profile will outline your strengths in four leadership dimensions: Dominance, Extroversion, Pace, and Conformity. It will also provide insight into your natural decision-making style and energy level.

How is PDP different from other profile tools?

PDP excels at linking leadership strengths to business and organizational outcomes. PDP is built on decades of research and statistical analysis of behaviors that impact performance of working professionals. 

How accurate are PDP profiles?

More than 5 million PDPs have been administered since the 1970s. The accuracy of PDPs has been validated and continually improved through five decades of study, research, and analysis.

Try PDP and see for yourself!

~ bc