$350.00 USD or more

BC | Coaching Session

One hour online session with Brian.

  • what's going well?
  • what could be better or different?
  • are you advancing at the right pace and in the right direction?
  • how can you strengthen relationships with key people?
  • where are you stalled or stuck?
  • what could you do to accelerate change?
  • coaching suggestions for leadership practice!


How do I schedule my coaching session?

It is easy to schedule coaching with Brian via OnceHub. More information + instructions will follow when you register. 

Do I need to prepare for my coaching session?

No preparation is required or expected.  Brian always asks about your "Good News" first - what's going well? And then your coaching session proceeds to issues, opportunities, and challenges that matter most for you!

Can I invite other people to join me for my coaching session?

This is an individual coaching session. Please consider Brian's online Team coaching session if you'd like to strengthen communication and collaboration with teammates or business partners.

How will we connect online?

Let us know the channel that you prefer for online meetings. Brian will be pleased to use the channel that works best for you!

Think big. Take giant steps!

~ bc