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6 Habits of Very Successful Leaders

In a competitive world, talent alone does not guarantee success.

Talent may qualify you to compete but daily habits, attitude, and preparation tend to determine the performance results.

How do your daily habits and attitude measure up?

Here are six daily habits of successful leaders that do not require talent.


You cannot contribute if you are not present. Show-up reliably, on-time, ready to work - especially on days you do not feel your best.

Be prepared.

Do your homework. Arrive with the information, tools, equipment, and fitness you need to do your job.

Be positive.

Your experience tends to reflect your attitude and intentions. Expect good things and good things are more likely to happen. If you cannot be positive, resist negativity - choose a neutral posture instead.

Take responsibility.

Win or lose, be accountable for your choices, actions, and performance. High-performers never make excuses, blame others, or ask for special entitlements.

Look, listen, learn.

No matter the score - be aware, pay attention, and learn from your performance. We tend to learn more from failures, disappointments, and setbacks than we do from success.

Care for relationships.

People rarely care how much you know until they know you care. Be a good friend, co-worker, and teammate. Make others better through your words, presence, and leadership example!


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