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Meet People Where They Are!

There is a lot of talk these days about empathy - the ability to connect with people whose beliefs, experiences, hardships, privileges, and perspectives differ from your own.  Empathy is an essential leadership skill that can be learned. Here are four keys to practice and strengthen your empathy.

Meet people where they are. Every one is carrying a different and sometimes heavy load. Seek first to understand. Try to walk in their shoes without judging or projecting your own beliefs.

Acknowledge and respect diverse preferences for support. Some people expect privacy and confidentiality while others welcome wider social engagement. Choose a suitable place, time, frequency, and channel to communicate and connect.

Provide emotional support first, and cognitive support second. Most people will not trust your counsel, until they know you care.  Ask heartfelt questions and really listen before offering advice.

Beware of simplifying problems or challenges. And steer clear of whining or commiserating. Most problems are more complex and personal than they seem.

Let's do amazing things together!

Our lives become richer, healthier, and more interesting when we empathize and connect with diverse people.

~ bc


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