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What's Next? Play a New or Bigger Game!

Although we can not be sure how we will live, work, and play as the world responds and recovers from this pandemic, it is certain our lives and business are already dramatically different.

For smart, optimistic, entrepreneurial leaders, this is a great time to launch a new venture or drive your established practice to the next level.

In this disrupted yet favorable marketplace for startups and change makers, here are some practical considerations to help you decide what things to start, stop, continue, or accelerate!

Stop. Difficult as it may be to accept, some things you believe or do are no longer needed today or will be valued differently at deep discounts. So, what do you believe that is no longer true? What things should you downplay or cut altogether because they are no longer relevant or profitable?

Start. The abrupt end or erosion of established markets presents great opportunity + potential rewards for leaders who embrace change and begin new ventures. While people and organizations who are fixed in their beliefs begin to fall behind, forward-looking leaders are already racing to create new services and solutions! So, what could you start doing today that is new or different and will enable a stronger, more resilient tomorrow?

Continue. Here is good news. If you are smart, experienced, and trusted by many to deliver valued and essential services, you are well-positioned to deepen and grow your core business! The challenge, of course, is recognizing and focusing on these core services while continuing to strengthen your reliability and responsiveness. So, what do you believe or do that is more valuable today than ever? And, who counts on you most for these services?

Accelerate. Even if you are going in the right direction, it is likely you will miss opportunity and rewards if you are slow to start and late to finish. Agility, innovation, and velocity are more valuable today than ever. Where are you stuck or indecisive today? What is your risk and potential reward for stepping on the accelerator?

Every leader I coach has a different timeline for accepting and navigating through loss, setbacks, disruption, and unexpected change.

Although it is important to proceed at your own unique pace, most successful leaders are quick to acknowledge change and decisive to advance toward their next best opportunity!

Be quick - (don’t hurry)!


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