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Career Choices - 5 Keys to Excel in a New Leadership Role!

Are you beginning or considering a new leadership role or career venture?

Although the current economy remains uncertain, there are more career opportunities today than we have seen in many years.

Here are several keys to help you consider, pursue, and excel in a new leadership role.

People. Do you respect, trust, and enjoy being with the people associated with this venture? Will they encourage, support, and challenge you to be the best you can be?

Value Proposition. Do you believe in the business purpose, product, or service? Would you invest a significant amount of your own money in this enterprise?

Career Advancement. Assuming you are successful, where will your new experience position you professionally and financially in three years?

Risk. What is the risk of remaining in your current business role? What is the worst thing that could happen if you accept and fail at this new venture? 

Rewards. What is the best, most rewarding use of your time and talent? Will you have any significant regret if you decline this opportunity?

~ bc  😎🎱


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