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Keep Moving!

What do you do when you are stalled or stuck?

The path to peak performance and career advancement is rarely direct.

Sooner or later, our experience and performance tend to flatten and we are challenged to change or adjust.

Here are five keys to regain progress when your performance levels off.

Recall achievements.

No matter where you are today, you likely have traveled further and accomplished more than you realize. Take stock and pride in this progress. It is the foundation for future success.

Analyze data.

It is not uncommon to feel stalled at the same time some data indicate performance gains. Collect and check data to validate your assumptions. Reconfirm your proven strengths. Analyze and identify priority areas for continuing practice.

Rest and recover if needed.

Even the greatest players burn out when they push too hard for too long. Take a break if you need it. Don’t rush recovery from an injury or setback. Prepare to be your best when it matters most. Schedule rest between big tests, challenges, and achievements.

Modify your routine.

Consistency and repetition build strength and skills until the mind and body grow comfortable with those habits. Change your routines to keep challenging yourself. Modify your projects, exercises, and intensity. Work-out in a new place or at a different time. Take a different route to work. Hang-out and practice with different people.

Know when to let go!

Sometimes we get stuck when there is little left for us to accomplish or contribute in a role, activity, or relationship. Difficult as it may be to move on to a new opportunity, it’s important to know when to let go and start moving toward your next challenge!

What do you do when you are stalled or stuck?

Keep moving!


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