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Velocity = Speed + Direction

Are you moving with suitable speed toward your most important goals?

Going in the right direction is not enough if you are not advancing at the right pace.

Go too slow and you will be among the last to finish.

Go too fast and you may crash or burn-out.

Choosing and maintaining the right velocity is one of the greatest challenges for leaders and teams.

Although a slow, steady pace is sometimes the best choice, the most successful executives I coach move more quickly and decisively.

They recognize the need for speed in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace.

They understand moving slowly to address problems today may undermine an entire venture tomorrow.

No matter whether you are moving fast or slow, the ability to accelerate swiftly is a hallmark of the highest performers.

Do you need to step on the gas and pick-up your pace?

Championship F1 drivers are always accelerating and braking.

They never cruise or coast!

~ bc  🏎️


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