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ACT - Action Changes Things!

Sometimes significant change occurs in an instant. Other times, change is less apparent.

How quickly do you adjust to significant changes?

Most successful leaders I coach are quick to recognize, accept, and respond to significant changes. Like it or not, they see opportunity when the status quo is disrupted.

Here are three keys for leaders doing amazing things in a fast-changing world.


It is difficult to adjust to forces you do not see. Pause periodically to look and listen. Simply observing yourself and others is a powerful yet under-appreciated practice. Seek out opinions that differ from your own. Check your assumptions. Collect and analyze data to verify your position. Pay attention to early signs of pending change.


Although delay acknowledging change can be deadly, many people and organizations are wired to resist change and defend the status quo. What do you believe that is no longer true? Sooner or later, all things come to an end. The greatest rewards in new markets go to the explorers, pioneers, and early settlers. The time to replace the roof is when the sun is shining.


Recognizing the need to change is not enough. Fortune favors decisive leaders who act. Make small bets early. Experiment. Learn from your experience. Trust your fundamental strengths.

Expect and welcome change.  Test fast, fail fast, learn fast. 


Action changes things!


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