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Health and Wealth

Health & Wealth

For most leaders and executives I coach there is a tension between earning wealth and maintaining health.

Sooner or later, the swift pace, demanding travel, and relentless performance expectations take a physical toll on leaders who neglect their health. 

Sometimes we do not appreciate the importance of health until we lose it.

Here are suggestions for good health while earning wealth to enjoy for many years to come.

Physical Health. It is impossible to achieve and sustain peak performance unless you are physically fit. While some leaders have time and discipline for a regular workout program, we all can stand-up, stretch and walk more. Buy a pedometer and aim for a minimum of 7,500 steps every day. Insist on at least thirty minutes outdoors. Experiment with a stand-up desk. Try holding walking or stand-up meetings. Elevate your heart rate. Eat and drink smarter. No excuses!

Emotional Health. It is challenging to maintain emotional health in a fast-paced competitive marketplace. It can also be difficult to maintain a healthy attitude in a world that swamps us 24/7 with information, noise, and bad news. Beware of negativity. Adopt a “neutral or positive” mindset instead. Make the most of opportunities. Accept setbacks with humility. Be thankful for lessons learned from failure that may help you work smarter or pivot to a different target.

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Obrigado, Pelé. Verdadeiramente, o Rei! ⚽👑🙏

Lots of upside ahead. 😎

Let's GO!

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