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Summer's Here - Be Cool, Take Care!

sea turtle - swimming - hawaii

Summer’s here in the northern hemisphere. And, it’s hot, stormy, and smoky!

Be cool and enjoy the beauty of our home planet.

We live in an amazing place.

Let's take care of it! 🌏

Bill Ford on Michigan, Detroit and EV Politics | Time

Ford Motor Company's Bill Ford spoke with TIME about what the Michigan Central project means for Detroit, the auto company’s future, and what he’s learned about leadership.

5 Keys to Recognize an Expert and an Imitator | Farnam Street

Who do you count on for coaching when making big decisions? Great leaders choose great advisors. Here are five keys to help you recognize an expert in a crowded field of wannabe imitators.

6 tips to be safe in extreme summer heat | The Conversation

The heat is on! Here's how to keep yourself, co-workers, family, and friends healthy while working and enjoying summer.

An insider's guide to the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia | BBC

Jim Pappas of the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Challenge shares his top spots in town for the world-famous sandwich, from the original Pat's King of Steaks to locals-only Café Carmela.

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