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Empathy and Assertiveness

In most negotiations, achieving a winning agreement requires a mix of leadership assertiveness and empathy.

Assertiveness is needed to ask, persuade, and at-times fight for your own beliefs, interests, and ambitions.

Empathy is essential to understand and respect other stakeholder's beliefs and proposed solutions without judgement.

Here are five keys to strike an effective mix of leadership assertiveness and empathy:

Expect conflict. Prepare to be assertive by clarifying your most significant...

Getting to Yes!

Although we are forced or may choose to fight from time-to-time, breakdowns in negotiation can be costly or devastating for all stakeholders.

Based on 20+ years experience advising complex business partnerships, here are six principles to negotiate more favorable agreements and avoid costly arguments.

  • Separate the people from the problem. Don't make it or take it personal.
  • Understand the other side's point of view. Walk in their shoes!
  • Focus on interests, not positions. Seek win-win...
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