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Leadership Tips for Long Shots!

Against long odds, Rich Strike's amazing victory in the Kentucky Derby shows us
what it takes for underdogs to win big.

Here are several leadership tips from the Derby winner's inspiring, improbable achievement.

You've got to be in the race to win it. Earn an invitation to the places where you want to compete.

Be ready. Opportunity may strike when you least expect it.

Run a smart race that favors your talent. Know your strengths.

Finish strong. You can't win the race at the start but you can...

Four Blind Men and an Elephant

What do you believe that may not be true?

There is a simple story told with variations in many cultures about four blind men and an elephant. I like to discuss this parable with leaders because it highlights the hazards of misperception and the challenge of decision-making based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

As the parable goes, four blind men encounter a large, strange object, and try to identify it by feel.

While one blind man grabs the elephant's tail, another man touches its...

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