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6 Habits of Very Successful Leaders

In a competitive world, talent alone does not guarantee success.

Talent may qualify you to compete but daily habits, attitude, and preparation tend to determine the performance results.

How do your daily habits and attitude measure up?

Here are six daily habits of successful leaders that do not require talent.


You cannot contribute if you are not present. Show-up reliably, on-time, ready to work - especially on days you do not feel your best.

Be prepared.

Do your homework. Arrive...

What's Next? Play a New or Bigger Game!

Although we can not be sure how we will live, work, and play as the world responds and recovers from this pandemic, it is certain our lives and business are already dramatically different.

For smart, optimistic, entrepreneurial leaders, this is a great time to launch a new venture or drive your established practice to the next level.

In this disrupted yet favorable marketplace for startups and change makers, here are some practical considerations to help you decide what things to start, stop,...

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