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Lead like an All Black - Leave the Jersey in a Better Place!

Years ago I had great luck to be in New Zealand on the day the All Blacks won their third World Cup. Few teams in sport or business outperform New Zealand's national rugby union team. And no team jersey is more iconic than the All Black's silver fern. Only twenty three men wear that jersey at each world championship.

All Blacks, when selected, join a band of brothers who pledge to "leave the jersey in a better place." For All Blacks, that means "doing more" than what is expected. And doing it...

Fail fast. Learn quick!

To solve a complex problem or win a big victory, you may try many things that fall short of the target.

Test fast. Fail fast. Learn quick.

Dwelling on setbacks slows your progress.

Hit or miss - take your next shot.

It may be your best shot! 

Grit and Joy: How to Build a Team Culture | Angel City FC

Win or lose, a team's identity, shared commitments, and relationships drive performance. Here's how Angel City FC is building a team culture that prioritizes grit, joy, and competition.


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