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What's Important Now?

When Asked to Become Amazon's New CEO, Andy Jassy Wanted to Speak With 1 Person First | Inc.

Big decisions are not easy. When Jeff Bezos asked Andy Jassy to succeed him as CEO, Jassy paused to confer with a trusted advisor before accepting the job. Who do you count on for coaching when making big...

Six Hallmarks of Great Team Players

The ability to play well and contribute to teams that do big things is more important today than ever.

Here are six hallmarks of great team players I coach with suggestions to help you and your team keep getting better, together!

~ bc

Cities of the Future  | Official IMAX Trailer

This isn’t science fiction. Here's how architects and engineers are planning to transform the world’s great cities from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, Singapore, and more!

This Surprising Sculpture...

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