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Toast Making 101: Process Drives Performance

How do you make toast?

If you’re making toast for yourself, you will make it as you like it.

And, if you are building and growing a toast-making business, you need a clear, repeatable process to make toast the way customers want and expect it.

What kind of bread will you offer? How crisp will you toast it? Will you toast it in a toaster, pan, broiler, oven, or stove top griddle?

Everyone makes great toast from time-to-time.

Great leaders test different toast-making methods and adopt...

Lead + Play by Heart!

When I was a child learning to play piano, my teacher insisted I had not mastered a lesson until I could play the music “by heart.”

To test my level of mastery each week, he expected me to play at least one piece without looking at sheet music.

Although it’s been many years since I regularly played piano, I am surprised I can still recall and play music I once learned by heart.

Great leaders and musicians know it's not enough to know the right notes to play. They learn,...

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