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ACT - Action Changes Things!

Sometimes significant change occurs in an instant. Other times, change is less apparent.

How quickly do you adjust to significant changes?

Most successful leaders I coach are quick to recognize, accept, and respond to significant changes. Like it or not, they see opportunity when the status quo is disrupted.

Here are three keys for leaders doing amazing things in a fast-changing world.


It is difficult to adjust to forces you do not see. Pause periodically to look and listen. Simply...

Solve the Right Problem!

Are you solving the right problems?

Here are six keys for better problem-solving and bigger, quicker performance breakthroughs.

Use the Pareto Principle.

80% of our performance is determined by 20% of our activities. Make a list of all the problems you are experiencing. Prioritize the “significant few” problems that matter most.

Define the problem.

Write down your problem statement. For example, “we are focusing on ‘A’ as measured by ‘B.’” A...

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