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Great Leaders Ask Good Questions

Great leaders ask good questions.

Influenced by fundamentals of “design thinking,” here are five questions to help you breakthrough to the next levels of performance.

What’s your why?  Managers tend to focus on what needs to be done while leaders emphasize why something is worth doing. When we understand why something is worth doing, we are more motivated to do it.

What if?  Leaders who explore possibilities are more likely to achieve breakthroughs than managers...

Bridges - Keep Moving!

At times in our lives and careers we count on bridges to help us cross over obstacles and continue our journey.

Here are four keys I emphasize with leaders preparing for a change that will require a bridge.

1. Locate a suitable existing bridge or design and build a new one before you need it.

2. Don’t worry about crossing the bridge until it’s time to cross.

3. Once you’re on the bridge, keep going until you reach the other side.

4. Don’t look back after crossing that...

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