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Play a Game You Can Win!

What can you do that would be difficult if not impossible for anyone else?

In a world where it is easy to copy others, recognizing and focusing on your unique talent is the surest strategy I know to advance your business and career.

Here are four hallmarks of successful business leaders I coach who know their strengths and use them for  strategic advantage.

 Differentiation. Outworking others is not a sustainable advantage. Study your competition. Know what makes you...

Career - Are You Lucky?

What's luck got to do with it?

That's a question one client asked me this week while discussing his career so-far.

Here’s my answer.

Luck, of course, dictates where we are born, our gender, our parents and siblings, our initial socio-economic class, and the genes that influence our health, energy, and intellect.

Beyond these significant factors, the lives and careers of successful leaders I coach are shaped by four considerations.


For better and worse, choices have...

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