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Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Sky!

Gazing this week at photos from the Webb Telescope, I was happy to recall my first lesson with Dr. Frances Wright, a pioneer female astronomer who taught celestial navigation to thousands of U.S. Naval officers, college students, and local sailors.

"Keep your feet firmly planted," she said, "and set your eyes on the sky."  A gentle reminder to be safe on your feet first before measuring the height of distant stars. And, sensible leadership guidance to know where you stand before...

All that Jazz!

The US Independence Day holiday got me listening and thinking about jazz - a distinctly American art form deeply rooted in our national history and a color-blind force that connects people worldwide who share a curiosity and appreciation for improvisational music.

For jazz enthusiasts, 1959 was a landmark year that marked release of two of the best-selling jazz tracks in history, Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" and Miles Davis's "So What."  Back then, as now, the world wobbled on an...

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