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Be Different - Know Your Unique Strengths

What do you know or do that is difficult for others?

Being different may be more important than being the best. By emphasizing your uniqueness, you gain an advantage over rivals who will struggle to do what you do.

Know your unique strengths. Recognize the diverse strengths of others.

Play a game you can win! 

Portland mass timber airport is a game-changer | Fast Company

All the wood for the amazing roof of Portland's new airport terminal is sourced within 300 miles of the city. This...

Harvest - It's Time for Teamwork!

In days when lives were more connected to nature, communities worked hard in Autumn to bring in the harvest.

Although life today is less seasonal, October and November still challenge us to work together to achieve our goals by year-end.

In Spring, we made plans and sowed many seeds. Now, it's time to harvest togetherThere is little time left before winter and much work yet to do. 

Let's gather and give thanks for what we have grown. 

Tokyo plans to build a future-proof...

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