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Plant Seeds for a Bountiful Harvest!

As Spring arrives in the northern hemisphere, let's pause for a moment to give thanks for our blessings and clarify leadership priorities + intentions.

The seeds we sow today are essential for a great Autumn harvest!

~ bc 

Tim Cook on Shaping the Future of Apple | GQ

Tim Cook has defied skeptics and reengineered Apple on his own exacting terms. Now, in a frank conversation, he offers leadership insight on why he sees himself as an outsider, how he asserts Apple’s values, and what...

Possibilities - Look Up!

A view of earth from space suggests possibilities that await when we look beyond our local perspective.

As children, we explored and wondered about extraordinary things.

As we grow older, our perspective narrows and we fall into familiar habits and routines.

Look up.

The more we look, the more we see!

~ bc 

The Next Giant Leap - our quest to build a permanent Moon base | BBC

The astronauts who have walked on the Moon spent hours on the lunar surface. How will we design and build a...

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