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Mindset matters - Problems test us to engineer new solutions!

It's easy to do well when things are going our way.

It's harder to excel when we experience difficulties and setbacks.

Mindset matters.

Be thankful for problems that test our beliefs and invite us to engineer new solutions!

Foster + Partners unveils $10B redesign of Port Authority Bus Terminal | The Architect's Newspaper

Here's the bold proposal for a $10 billion rebuild of the world's busiest bus terminal.

Top 2024 Franchise Opportunities | Entrepreneur

Owning a franchise is a proven way...

Location matters - Show up where you can win!

Where you live, work, and play matter.

Some places are better suited than others for your skills, interests, and ambition.

If you want to do different things - explore new places and meet different people who share your intentions.

Location matters. Show up where you can play and win!

Responding Thoughtfully In the Internet Age | TIME

Know the difference between responding and reacting. Reclaim the space between stimulus and response. Just pause for a moment!

To Keep Gen Z, Companies...

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