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Set a Deadline to Achieve Headlines!

A goal without a timeline is just an intention.

Set a deadline to prioritize action and investment in things worth doing.

Deadlines command attention. Deadlines drive decision-making and collaboration.

Your score at the deadline will influence learning and improvement or a pivot to something new altogether!

Lyft's CEO on Leading With Purpose In Difficult Times | TIME

When David Risher became CEO of Lyft, the company was losing market share and struggling with morale. Although Lyft's business...

Teamwork | Target Outcomes & Shared Beliefs

Teams are more likely to outperform when they agree on target outcomes and shared beliefs.

Are you clear what you aim to achieve? What level of effort, behavior, and performance will you accept?

Fly high. Stand together. Do big things! 

How Bill Walton became the 'luckiest guy in the world' | NBA Countdown via YouTube

On and off the court, Bill Walton reminded us to laugh and make each day a masterpiece. "Every silver lining's got a touch of grey." Thank you #32! 

Ennead + Dattner...

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