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Step by Giant Step - Keep Going!

The surest way I know to achieve big things is to plan and achieve small daily milestones.

The earliest seafaring explorers did not cross the North Atlantic in one uninterrupted passage. They advanced in shorter, more manageable steps that connected Europe to England, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, and Nova Scotia.

You can’t summit a mountain in one leap.

Take a giant first step and keep going!

Supercommunication: The secret to better conversations | BBC

A rich, deep conversation can be...

Be a Prime Time Player!

All moments matter - and, some moments matter more than most.

Be a prime time team player.

Step-up your game. Elevate your teammates when it's time to deliver.

Be your best when the best is required!

Nobel Laureate Claudia Goldin Told the ‘Big and Bold’ Story Other Economists Ignored | Time

Goldin pioneered research on the gender wage gap and ways women balance career and family. She advises students to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and make certain...

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