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Five Keys for Amazing Teams!

TEAM - together, it's said, we achieve more.

Here are five hallmarks of winning teams I coach that are easy to outline but harder to execute:

  1. Shared commitment to a purpose-driven project that makes a big difference 
  2. Assignment of team players to roles well-suited for their strengths, experience, and potential
  3.  Agreement on a plan, organizational structure, and process to deliver desired results
  4. Urgency for time-certain collaboration and problem solving to keep the project moving
  5. ...
Risk and Reward - Are You Playing Too Safe?

Today as always, leaders who recognize opportunities while managing associated risks are earning big rewards. Here are several leadership keys for effective risk-taking and decision making amidst ongoing global uncertainty.

Risk avoidance. While caution is understandable and sometimes prudent, it is risky to do little or nothing different at this time of great change. Are you playing it too safe? What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

Complacency. Taking...

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