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For Beginners, Most Anything Is Possible!

What do you believe that may not be true?

Although we become more experienced as we grow older, we also tend to become more fixed in our beliefs. When this happens, our lives and careers settle into predictable patterns.

For beginners, most anything is possible. If you expect something new or different, try seeing the world through the eyes of a child or beginner.

Cultivating a beginner’s mindset invites new and different daily conversations, lessons, experiences, and...

Business 101: Think and Lead Like a CEO

Is the work you are doing today creating or eroding value in your business?

Once you understand how your business makes and loses money, you increase your ability to influence and contribute to business change, growth, and performance. This is both good for your company and for your career!

Here are six business fundamentals that every employee in a growing, profitable business ought to know.


A business will succeed when it solves significant client problems, meets or exceeds...

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