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Time Out | Step Outside!

As spring arrives in the northern hemisphere and many people celebrate Easter and Ramadan, let’s pause for a moment to appreciate today. Your health and positive leadership energy are more important than ever in our noisy, divided world. Here are five suggestions to unplug, reflect, and enjoy your time out!

Quiet. Turn off and set aside your phone. Enjoy a silent untethered moment.

Breathe. Notice your incoming and outgoing breath. You can’t live without it!

Walk. Step outside and...

Meet People Where They Are!

There is a lot of talk these days about empathy - the ability to connect with people whose beliefs, experiences, hardships, privileges, and perspectives differ from your own.  Empathy is an essential leadership skill that can be learned. Here are four keys to practice and strengthen your empathy.

Meet people where they are. Every one is carrying a different and sometimes heavy load. Seek first to understand. Try to walk in their shoes without judging or projecting your own beliefs.


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