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Commitment is Key to Do Big Things

Doing big things requires great commitment.

Here are three reasons leaders struggle sometimes with commitments.

Making too many commitments. It's not uncommon for talented leaders to make a lot of commitments. Too many commitments, however, blur our focus and drain energy needed to do big things.

Changing commitments. Maintaining daily attention to our greatest intentions is not easy. Peak performance requires constancy of purpose and deep commitment to relationships and activities that...

6 Keys for Problem Solving to Drive Big Performance Gains

Are you solving the right problems?

If we want to make a bigger difference, we need to be better problem solvers!

Here are six keys to solutions that drive bigger, quicker performance breakthroughs.

Use the Pareto Principle.

80% of our performance is determined by 20% of our activities. Make a list of all the problems you are experiencing. Prioritize the “significant few” problems that matter most.

Define the problem.

Write down your problem statement. For example, “we are...

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