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3 Keys to Better Habits

We are what we repeatedly do.

So, if we intend to be better, we need to do things better or develop new or different habits.

Here are three keys to develop and maintain daily habits to be your best and excel at things that matter most.

Work and hang out with people who appreciate your strengths and challenge you to learn, practice, and be the best you can be.

Create an ecosystem that makes it easier to make healthy choices and do good things that support your best intentions.

Identify a...

Health and Wealth

For most leaders and executives I coach there is a tension between earning wealth and maintaining health.

Sooner or later, the swift pace, demanding travel, and relentless performance expectations take a physical toll on leaders who neglect their health. 

Sometimes we do not appreciate the importance of health until we lose it.

Here are suggestions for good health while earning wealth to enjoy for many years to come.

Physical Health. It is impossible to achieve and sustain peak...

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