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Be a Better Ally!

This week I've been thinking about appropriate ways to honor Juneteenth, the holiday that celebrates the end of slavery in the USA. It's also the fiftieth anniversary of Title IX legislation that prohibits discrimination based on gender in all programs or activities at federally funded schools.

For me, it's urgent to recognize the advantages I am afforded as a white male leader, power and privileges that are less familiar and accessible to many women and leaders of color. It's also essential...

Leave the Team Jersey in a Better Place!

Several years ago I had great luck to be in New Zealand on the day the All Blacks won their third World Cup. Few teams in sport or business outperform New Zealand's national rugby union team. And no team jersey is more iconic than the All Black's silver fern. Only twenty three men wear that jersey on the global stage. And All Blacks, when selected, join a band of brothers who pledge to "leave the jersey in a better place."

Winning consistently at the most competitive levels demands leadership...

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