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Let's Build for a Bright Tomorrow

In a world that encourages near-term results, we tend to discount our leadership responsibility for a healthy, sustainable future.

Let’s recognize and prioritize big projects that make an enduring difference.

Design, engineer, and build things today that our children and their children will be thankful for!

~ bc

[art by Yo Hosoyamada]

They used to call me "sir" | Building Magazine interview with Sarah Prichard

Heads or tails? If the coin landed the other way, Sarah Prichard, managing...

Summer's here - Take Five!

Summer’s here in the northern hemisphere. And, it’s unusually hot, stormy, and smoky!

While it may not seem urgent today, the intensity of summer weather is challenging us to rethink and adjust how we live and work on our home planet.

Enjoy summer. Conserve energy. Repair or replace the roof when the sun is shining!

"Take Five!" ~ bc

The A to Z on Gen Z | McKinsey

The digital-first generation born between 1996 and 2010 is shaping consumer, workforce, and societal trends. Here's...

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