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Hello September - What's Important Now?

All moments matter and some moments matter more than others.

Choices we make in September drive results we achieve at year-end and position us for success in years ahead.

If your current YTD score is favorable, this is a great time to strengthen your pipeline, invest in new projects, and build momentum for next year.

If your current YTD performance is uncertain or questionable, today is the day to change your course while there is still time to make a difference!

Who matters most on your...

Be Ready for "Lucky" Breakthroughs

While everyone understands the importance of planning and preparation, there is an unpredictability about peak performance that invites us to expect great things when least expected.

 “Life,” it's sometimes said, “is what happens while we are making other plans.”

Be ready to recognize and make the most of unexpected opportunities!

~ bc 

Help Maui Fire Victims: Here’s How You Can Donate

Too many are dead, thousands are homeless after Lahaina town...

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